China approves sale of Apple 3G device, possibly the new iPad + MORE iPad News 05/30/2012

Got some developments regarding the Apple iPad for you. Here’s the latest news. Logitech releases Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 for Mac and iOS devices– The Unofficial Apple Weblog Accessory manufacturer Logitech is on a roll with its recent successful release of the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover and Solar Keyboard Folio for iPad, and today the company […]

Introducing a better mobile web experience for TUAW + MORE iPad News 05/24/2012

Some exciting news just broke about Apple and the latest iPad. Read below for the details and links to other recent articles! Introducing a better mobile web experience for TUAW– The Unofficial Apple Weblog Remember when the iPhone debuted and crashed mobile Safari? Good times. We quickly rolled out as an interim solution, […]

USPS Outlaws the Sending of iPads and Kindles to Troops Overseas [Sad] + MORE iPad News 05/10/2012

More iPad news and updates!  A round up of the latest Apple iPad articles from around the net. USPS Outlaws the Sending of iPads and Kindles to Troops Overseas [Sad]– An iPad or a Kindle can go a long way to helping a deployed soldier pass the dull, dull downtime while away from home. […]

Why Apple’s ‘Aikido’ Move on E-books Raised the Feds’ Ire + MORE Kindle News 04/12/2012

Some more news on the Kindle e-reader for you right here. The e-reader market is evolving rapidly, so here are the latest developments.

HTC Inspire A9192 Smartphone Review

HTC Inspire Android Review There are a lot of great phones available on the market today, but having one that is locked to a particular network can be somewhat of a pain. In part because you have no choice as to your carrier, and can only use the phones that your chosen carrier offers. But […]

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