Buying a Tablet — How Much Will it Cost?

Tablet computers are now so popular since the introduction of the iPad that many companies now make their own version. There is a huge range of prices and features available, with some being incredibly expensive and others being incredibly cheap. How much will you be expecting to pay in order to meet your needs? All […]

2012 iPad Buyer’s Guide

Apple has defined and redefined the tablet computer in the time since the initial release and with the newest iPad, many are wondering if the tablet computer is really a tool or just a glorified toy. There are many entertainment features with tablet computers in general but there are also amazing opportunities to put the […]

New iPad Cost vs Other 2012 Tablets

With the release of the latest iPad, there is a common response from those who don’t yet own a tablet computer. Research ensues to assess the competition in order to determine whether the latest iPad is a worthwhile investment. There are many tablet computers on the market, after all, and some have provided alternatives that […]

Nook Color Review: In Depth With Hands On Video

(Scroll Down for Nook Color Video Review Part 2 )   Nook Color eBook Reader/ Tablet Review The original Nook made use of a large e-Ink display on top of a color LCD panel. Although it was an extremely popular device, the split screen wasn’t perfect for everyone. Enter the Nook Color: this is the […]

Best eBook Reader: iPad Or eBook Reading Device?

In your search for the best eBook reader you’ll discover many things: notably the fact that standalone eBook reading devices aren’t your only option. Tablet computers, such as the iPad, are becoming more and more common for people who want to bring multimedia with them on the go. Here’s a brief rundown of the pros […]

Amazon Kindle Fire In Depth Review

For months and months customers speculated on whether Amazon would enter the tablet market. They finally have with the announcement of the Amazon Kindle Fire, which is cheaper than many of us had imagined and comes packed full of features. The question is, does the Kindle Fire live up to the hype? Is it good […]

8 Ways A Portable Tablet PC Will Improve Your Life

The portable tablet PC is more than just a giant smartphone, and it differs from a traditional laptop or netbook. In fact, it really has become its own class of device, and has come to be used in a number of unique ways. Just take a look at this list to see how it could […]

Finding The Best Tablet PC For You: What You Need To Know To Make The Right Decision

Finding the best tablet PC isn’t easy. There are now more choices available than ever, with smaller manufacturers taking on the big ones like Apple and Samsung. But the choice ultimately comes down to the specific features you need from your device. Here’s a guide to the most important factors to consider. The Operating System […]

How To Choose The Best Student Tablet Computer

The new age of tablet computers is upon us: these portable devices are perfect for business, leisure and learning! If you’re trying to find the best student tablet computer for you, then here are a few things to consider. Why Choose A Student Tablet PC Over A Traditional Computer? Still not convinced on the need […]

Key Features Of The Tablet Computer

Design You’ll find that tablet computers are generally small in size – smaller than a laptop computer, but bigger than a smartphone. They make use of LCD screens of around 7 – 12 inches in size. Tablets usually feature an accelerometer in their design. This detects the way you’re moving the gadget as well as […]

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