Using Your Nintendo Wii for More than Games

Chances are, your Nintendo Wii is sitting quietly at the living room, the family den or the designated game room –one way or another, it is rare to have this very social gaming console to be sitting quietly inside one person’s room alone (but, yes, it does happen). If your household is the type that […]

Should You Buy Xbox 360 Slim or Nintendo Wii?

If you don’t already have one of the major consoles, but are looking at getting one, the major choice is to whether you should buy Xbox 360 or go for the Nintendo Wii instead. With the release of Kinect, Microsoft will have a rival to the motion control of the Nintendo Wii, but will the […]

Playstation Move or Wii: Which Is Best For Motion Gaming?

The Nintendo Wii has long held the title of best console for motion controlled gaming. However, with the release of the Playstation Move, many people are now asking the question: Playstation Move or Wii? Which gives you the best gaming experience? The Controllers The WiiMote can pick up movements along two-axis and when it is […]

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