3 Things to Look for in a Gaming Computer Motherboard

As the component that connects all crucial PC hardware together, the motherboard is one of the most important parts of a computer system, especially for avid gamers. As we all know, computers for gaming need to provide a more powerful performance than regular computers. Most computer games, particularly those that require higher specs, require a […]

How To Deal With Common Video Card Troubleshooting Issues

The video card is a critical component on your PC. It is the main drivers for ensuring top performance computing ability, especially when you have lots of applications in your computer. But over time, your video card might degrade in its performance such that it will exhibit poor graphics, have the tendency to lock up […]

Maximize Your Computer For Better Gaming Graphics

The gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar industry today. And with the development of more sophisticated and realistic games from various game developers, more and more people are into gaming today. The development of modern video games gives rise to the advancement of computer technology, particularly in the area of graphics and video resolution. This […]

Troubleshooting Your PC

The majority of PC users these days have limited technical knowledge to tweak their PCs and enhance its performance. The knowledge on basic troubleshooting is important in order to deal with common problems that users often encounter on their computer without having to call in a professional. In the long run, your ability to perform […]

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