The Best Laptops For 2012 – What Made The Cut

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Every year, we see new advances in technology, and this is evident in the laptops that are now on the market.

The best laptops of 2012 are faster, more elegantly designed and have a wider range of capabilities than any that came before. Enjoying these advantages won’t necessarily mean you have to go over your budget either.

For your next laptop purchase, you might want to consider the brands and models we discuss in this review article.

Apple MacBook Pro: Best Overall 2012 Laptop

Of all of the notebook computers out there, the Apple MacBook Pro is one of the most recognized and feature-rich. Apple has long been a leader when it comes to laptops, and the latest MacBook Pro comes with an Intel quad-core i7 processor, which is hard to beat for speed and efficiency.

What is great about this laptop is that even though it is a 15 inch screen, with the option to get a 17 inch screen, it only weighs 6.6 pounds and is an inch thick making it very light. As with all of Apple’s latest computers, this one comes equipped with a Thunderbolt port, which many believe will soon replace USB and FireWire because of its ability to transfer data so quickly. So if you’re looking for something that looks great, is high end, and performs well, the Apple MacBook Pro is probably for you.

HP Pavilion G6X:  Best 2012 Laptop Under $500

One computer that stands out specifically in regard to notebook computers is the HP Pavilion G6X; it costs about 500 bucks. Though it is relatively inexpensive, the outside fingerprint resistant casing and sturdy design makes it look expensive. The Core i3 processor and generous 500GB hard drive gives you plenty of room to run a variety of applications and store all of your files. There are many ports on this computer which will allow you to plug in a variety of peripheral’s as well as ethernet and SD cards. The HP Pavilion g6x gives you quite a bit of value and power in a compact package.

While convenience is the most important feature of laptops, we now also have a wide range of sizes and weights to choose from. The trend today is towards the ever more compact, as we can see with the popularity of smart phones. Yet before you invest in the smallest and lightest For example if you plan to do a lot of typing, you might find a full sized keyboard better for you to use.

There are laptops available that offer a good compromise between portability and ease of use. On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are good larger laptops that can be used as replacements for desktop computers. Regardless of the brand you prefer, make sure you get one that’s the right size.

In regard to the best laptops in 2012, you can see that there are many possibilities. Now that you have read this, you can start your own research in regard to finding the laptop of your choosing. As long as you stay focused on finding a laptop with certain features that you would want to have, and if you stay within your price range, you should make a wise purchase.

Best Laptops of 2012

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