The Nomad Flex paintbrush stylus will let you paint on a touchscreen (as well as you already can) + MORE iPhone News 10/26/2012

Some exciting news just broke about Apple and the latest iPhone. Read below for the details and links to other recent articles!
Apple Stock Falls Below $600 For First Time Since July

Apple’s stock fell below $600 in intraday trading on Friday for the first time since July, following a disappointing earnings report on Thursday and lower-than-expected projections for the company’s profit margins for the December quarter.
The company surpassed analyst estimates for iPhone sales, but missed on iPad sales and its earnings-per-share for the September quarter. More alarming for investors, Apple projected that it will report a significantly lower profit margin in the upcoming fiscal quarter than analysts had expected…

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The Nomad Flex paintbrush stylus will let you paint on a touchscreen (as well as you already can)

We’ve talked about the Nomad Brush before — it’s a capacitive paintbrush stylus that’s designed to be used on a touchscreen canvas, letting you paint across your iPad’s (or iPhone’s, though the size of that screen makes it a little tougher) touchscreen with your favorite art-making app. Now, Nomad has introduced a new brush they call the Flex, which has a new synthetic brush tip to use, and comes in what seems to me like a slightly longer size (though that may just be my bad memory). The Flex is available to the public starting this week, and Nomad kindly sent a couple along to TUAW for us to try out and review…

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Daily iPhone App: Jumping Finn Turbo provides an addictive cycle with the Adventure Time crew

Cartoon Network has been putting out some really impressive iOS apps lately under its Adult Swim brand, including the really great Monsters Ate My Condo. Jumping Finn Turbo is a new game outside of the Adult Swim banner. It’s not quite as good as those offerings, but it is pretty addictive anyway. The title is based on the popular Adventure Time cartoon by Pen Ward, though instead of following the show’s storyline, it’s a “jumping” arcade game, where Jake has to kick Finn as high, far and fast across the show’s setting as he possibly can…

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