What Can Media Streaming Device Do Besides Stream Media?

If you’re interested in buying a media streaming device, then you may also be interested in learning about the extra features that come with it. After all, many devices are so similar that it’s difficult to know which gives us more value for money. Keep reading to find out more about some of the extras you might find.


1) Browsing The Web


Web browsers aren’t yet a common feature in the top boxes like Apple TV and Roku, but the Logitech Revue is an example of a media streaming device that’ll let you browse the internet right from your TV screen. The browser even supports Flash files, meaning that you can watch embedded videos on your TV, too! Note, however, that sites like Hulu tend to block users browsing from their TV.


2) Storing Your Media Content


Some devices, like the WD TV Live Hub, come with a hard drive built in. This means it’s easy to transfer your media files and use this as a way to back up all of your downloaded movies, music and so on. Having them stored on the device itself also makes it very quick and easy to access those files when you want to play them on your TV’s big screen. The best thing about this feature is the fact that you don’t even usually require wires to transfer the content – just transfer all the files through your home network.


3) Keeping Up With Social Networks


Pretty much any media streaming device is going to come with some apps that’ll let you update your Facebook status or send a Tweet right from your TV. This is useful in the ad breaks when you want to check in quickly but don’t want to have to get your laptop out!


4) Playing Games


Many streaming devices are now incorporating basic games into their devices. The Roku 2 XS, for example, comes with a motion-based remote (like the Wii remote) that lets you play games like Angry Birds without any wires. Although most games aren’t too impressive yet, it’s still nice to have the option especially if you don’t own an extra games console.


Although a media streaming device is mainly about giving you access to online video and music services, they can do more than this if you look at some of the extra included features. We won’t all require all of these, but if you love the idea of browsing the web from your TV, or are a social media junkie, then it’s well worth finding a box that can satisfy your needs!

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