What You Should Look for When Shopping for a Printer

Shopping for the best possible printer for you in 2012 can be confusing and overwhelming. The selection of printers on the market is tremendous but many are just not worth your time. You may want to look at the features offered by some printers, but try to use other reasons for getting one. Although the price of the printer is worth considering, it should only be one factor of many that you consider when choosing. You can find over-priced printers that are not as good as cheaper models. Sometimes you pay for the brand name, something else you need to consider.

The Lexmark Intuition S505 is one printer you should consider. It’s multifunction and is quite easy to use. SOHO business persons and photography buffs will appreciate this printer. The Lexmark Intuition S505’s print quality is great for printing photos and business documents. The Lexmark Intuition S505 is highly rated by users. With its USB port and memory card slot, you can print on this machine without needing a computer. It will print on paper up to a maximum size of 8.5 inches by 17 inches. This is one of the best printers for home use.

The Kodak ESP 7250 is wireless printer with an impressive speed. Besides is fast performance, the Kodak ESP 7250 boasts of a print quality (both B&W and color) that won’t disappoint. This is a good multipurpose printer, although it’s worth noting that it doesn’t have fax capability.

It isn’t an inexpensive printer, though. In fact, the Kodak ESP 7250 costs a bit more than printers that are similar in features. The quality, however, is top-notch because it’s made by a well-known and reputable company in the consumer electronics market. This is a very user friendly printer in terms of human engineering, and the supporting resources are also excellent.

When looking at inkjet printers, the Epson WorkForce 610 multipurpose printer is an exceptional buy. With its 5760 x 1440 DPI for both black and color prints, this resolution feature makes it quite exceptional. Other printers actually seem to have better resolution for their prints. Documents, on the other hand, look great! So when looking at photo prints, this is why the Epson WorkForce 610 is lacking and is ranked so low when compared to other printers. It needs a lot of room, unlike other printers that are sleek and will fit in tight areas. This is a printer you actually have to see in person before you make the purchase. The size of the unit definitely comes into question, so measure it before you get one of your own.

The most important goal for you with new printers in 2012 is to satisfy your needs. Do you want to print a lot of photos? Find a printer that have the best resolution at the price you can afford.

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