Why The iPod Classic 160 GB Silver Is So Popular

Apple iPod classic 160 GB Silver (7th Generation) ReviewThere are many different models of the iPod and almost every person has had one at one point in time. Individually, I invested in the touch as well as the iPod classic both.

While I enjoy the iPod touch, the iPod Classic with the 160 Giga-bytes is absolutely my personal favorite. Below I am going to be going over a few things this unit delivers to its owners.

The main huge advantage of this unit should be self explanatory. You got it, the 160 GB storage is one thing that most people including myself love about this unit. On this one unit I have around 50 movies recorded and I even have over 10,000 songs.

Although this would basically fill up my iPod touch, I still have around 85 GB of free space left on this device. Which again, makes this the apparent selection when it comes to a device that can provide a good amount of storage.

One more thing you should understand is that you can actually store over 200 hours of video on this device. My brother has a career which calls for a lot of traveling and he purchased one of these iPods to keep movies on. He went and loaded his device with over 100 movies so he always has entertainment whenever he travels. As expected once he has worn out a movie he can simply delete it and add a new one.

The quantity of music you can store on this product is also absolutely amazing. One of the guys I know runs a Disk Jockey service and he makes use of a couple of these devices for his shows. I was genuinely surprised myself to learn that just one of these iPods can store around 40,000 songs!

Let’s just say that all songs are usually 3 minutes, despite the fact that some are lengthier and some are smaller, but that would add up to a total of 2,000 hours of music. And once you figure it out, you can in fact listen to music 12 hours each day for 166 days without ever having to listen to the same song twice. And that is quite a bit of space for storage.

Yet this isn’t confined to video and music since you can also hold pictures on it. In the event you store just photos on this unit you could potentially actually keep 25,000 pictures on the unit. You can hook this device up to your TV in order to show slide shows of your photos. You may also take the photographs and set them up to play in conjunction with music and transitions working with iTunes.

I am sure you can realize why this is my personal favorite iPod. If you want to get one of these, I would suggest ordering it through Amazon as you can save some money off the retail price. Amazon is currently selling this unit for $229, and also supplying free shipping for your purchase. This unit is really one of the better products and if your looking to get your very first iPod, I would recommend this one with no hestitation.  The iPod Classic 160 GB is really cheaper than the iPod touch but it’s more costly than some of the more basic iPods. And well worth it!

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