Your Questions About Kindle Vs Nook

Sandra asks…

Thoughts on the battle of the Kindle vs Nook?

Hi guys,
I was just wandering what you personally thought about the two products on:
1)Which is better?
2)Pros and Cons of each
3)Which has better web browsing?
4)If you’ve bought one are you happy with it or regret buying or rather have the other?

All your help will be appreciated as I’m debating on whether to buy one and if so which of the two. answers:


I would lean towards Kindle here.

  • Pros: not just wi-fi but 3G, which means you don’t need a hotspot. Better web browsing
  • Cons:uses it’s own format, which means buy books from Amazon, or search each digital bookstore to check if their format is compatible


  • Pros: uses epub format which is nearly universal, lending feature (although not very many books available for this)
  • Cons: Color touchscreen at the bottom of the reading pane can bother your eyes while reading, kind of bulky compared to what else is out there, higher price than equivalent Kindle


Paul asks…

What E-reader should I get, Kindle vs Nook Color?

I am looking for a ereader, but I don’t know to get the nook color or the kindle. I am leading more to the nook. it can play movies and apps, great for when my family needs to use it. but the kindle is much more portable. which one should I get. Price is not a concern, except when it is 500 like the iPad. answers:

I’d recommend something for half the price of iPad but that’ll give you all that you need from a tablet – portability, apps, music, video, and a great screen. It’s Kindle Fire from that is the best value of the current tablet market at $199.  Kindle Fire is more than an e-Reader as you can also watch video and use Android applications on it. It’s a hybrid device, much more than just an e-Reader but not a full tablet as it doesn’t have a camera.

Linda asks…

Kindle vs Nook and can you download PDF files onto them?

Which one is better/more worth the money? I am looking into it for someone who wants to buy one for his wife for a birthday present. Can you download PDF files onto them? He wants to be able to put the scriptures on it. answers:

Both can handle PDFs, but realize that PDF is ideal for print, not ereaders. Formats that reflow naturally to accommodate the display size are much better for ereaders. If you must view a lot of PDF, you’re best off with an iPad, which has a big screen and excellent PDF support. If that’s too much money, consider a Kindle DX or one of the Sony Readers, which have better PDF support than either Kindle or Nook. Setting aside the PDF issue…

Buy a Kindle if you’re most interested in long-run reading. Its E Ink Pearl screen is better than monochrome Nook’s older E Ink Vizplex screen and much better than Nook Color’s LCD screen for reading text.

Buy a Nook Color if you’re most interested in apps and games and browsing the web. Reading long-run text is as tolerable as it is with a computer monitor, and the Kindle’s capabilities in the non-reading areas pale in comparison.

There’s really not much reason to buy a monochrome Nook now that Kindle will have support for library lending soon. Kindle’s E Ink Pearl display has 50% better contrast than Nook’s older E Ink Vizplex.

Laura asks…

Kindle vs. Nook (or other brand) — Which book reader is best and why?

I’d like to have purchase one to use as I commute from home to work everyday. I take public transportation, sometimes underground and other times above ground and in the sun. I don’t like carrying books, so I thought I might invest in an e-book reader.

I want to know which brand/model that you have tried is best, in your opinion, and why. Also, what problems, if any, have you encountered with the device? answers:

The Amazon Kindle is the most popular e-reader and offers the most titles. Visit the Kindle review on this site for more details.

Michael asks…

which is the better deal nook vs kindle vs ipad?

Which one is the better the deal and good for reading books. Do they have wireless internet and free books. I want to buy something for my mom and not sure which one to get. answers:

Kindle, way cheaper. Well, I wouldn’t get any of those, all of those are either too expensive or too pointless. An electronic device to READ! Come on! BUT if you are just going to use for reading, THEN get the Kindle.


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