Your Questions About PS Vita Memory Cards

Lisa asks…

should i invest money in buying a memory card for the ps vita?

I want to buy the 16 gig memory card but it is wayyy expensive…. Is the memory card really a necessity if i want to get the most out of the ps vita when it comes out??? Also what are the functions of the ps vita memory card??? answers:

You need the memory card to save your game progress on most Vita games. Sony stated earlier that some games will save directly to the game card, while other require a memory card to save to. You simply can’t play games without a memory card for that reason.
I think the reason why they’re so expensive is because Sony’s making a new memory card format for the Vita, which you see as the 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB versions. I think the reason why they chose a new format is because for the security of the system, so people can’t hack the Vita as easily this time. Sony’s investing a lot into the Vita, making it hack free. It’s also one way for Sony to make money because I believe they’re losing a little bit of money on each Vita system.

The functions of the memory cards are just to save your game progress and hold all your media, like downloaded games, music, videos, pictures, etc. There’s no internal memory on the Vita so everything you do will be saved on the memory card.

Mark asks…

could the ps vita use a phone memory card, rather then its ps vita memory card?

the ps vita memory card is so exspensive and with only up tp 32g. i want a 64g memory card but idk if i could use a regular phone memory card. answers:

Currently there is no indication that you will be able to do this. However, Sony may allow other card makers to start making PS Vita cards later on. If you’re concerned about the price then don’t worry the price will go down. Meantime just use PC backups.

Linda asks…

can i use an american ps vita memory card with an european console?

i am thinking of buying a PS launch vita doesnt have many games that a like however since it can play PSN games i was interested in buying games like Persona and final fantasy and other RPGs that are available in PSN. tha problem is that here in europe i cant buy 32 GB memory stick. so can a buy an american memory stick and use it in an european console? answers:

All ps vita memory cards are the same, so yes it’ll work.
They’re not region locked, like games.

Nancy asks…

How much does the ps vita memory card cost?

Also what are the sizes and do you need it to play games answers:

4 gb = $29.99

8 gb = $44.99

16 gb = $69.99

32 gb = $119.99

George asks…

Which PS Vita Memory Card Should I Get?

I am unsure of what to do with my ps vita. I’m picking it up on launch day along with uncharted golden abyss, and plan on getting a few of the launch games in the next few weeks. Which memory card should I get? 4Gb is best In terms of price but is 4GB enough? answers:

Well once you have a big collection of games maybe no. But you’ll only have a few so initially 4gb should be fine. Remember most games save barely take up 1mb and 1gb = 1000mb so plenty of room

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