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Sandy asks…

Xbox kinect!?!?!?!?!?

Okay well I just got an xbox and an xbox kinect yesterday.. I need some help with the kinect! Like do I have to buy a headset to talk to people now?? And how do I get to talk to people?? answers:

There’s a microphone on the kinect which configures itself when you first set it up.
You need to be online with xbox live to talk to other people with the kinect.. A headset is great for online gaming though so if you think you’ll be into that then go for it anyway :)

Nancy asks…

How much would a xbox , kinect, and dancecentral game cost on black friday?

I want a Xbox, Kinect, AND Dance Central. I live in Alabama btw if that helps. answers:

Depends where you get it from. If you get it from best buy the 360, the kinect, carnival games, and kinect adventure will cost 200$. Plus you get 1 free month of xbox live like every one and you get 2 free months special. Dance central 2 cost 25$ on black friday so it will total up to around 236 dollars depending on your state tax. Its a pretty good offer and i would take it if i was you! Its really worth the price and it wont dissapoint you. Hope that helped!

Lisa asks…

Can you use xbox kinect with out using the kinect part?

I just ask this question and said with instead of without. My daughter want a xbox kinect but only if she can use just the xbox without the kinect at times, is this possible? Sorry for the first question mistake. answers:

Yes you can use the Xbox with a controller. Its just a bundle and not supposed to be Kinect only. You can find xbox 4Gb bundle at discounted rate at


Sharon asks…

How do i fix a Xbox Kinect Sensor Problem?

I have a Xbox Kinect System. The Kinect Device is on a table in a large theatre room with overhead projector. The problem I have is that the Kinect seems to stop tracking or lose me at odd times. Does anyone have a solution to this? I have run the setup wizard and gone through installation steps but no luck. Thanks in advance! answers:

Follow the instructions listed at this website: []. These simple steps should resolve the issue for you. If it doesn’t, you can give Xbox a call at 1-800-4MY-XBOX and they can run through some troubleshooting steps with you to ensure that there is nothing wrong with your Kinect Sensor.

Mark asks…

How much space do you need for the xbox kinect?

My Playstation 3 just broke and I’m debating whether to get a new one or if I want to buy the xbox 360 kinect bundle. My only problem with the xbox is that I don’t whether I have enough space to really use the kinect. I measured that I have 7 feet from my TV stand to my couch. Is this enough room? answers:

They say 6 feet for optimal usage, but i can do about 4 with furniture quite close but moving a chair helps to open up the room.

You should be able to make a step to the left and right at a reasonable length as games like Kinect Adventures and Kinect Sports require side-stepping to play.

For single player games, I think that it should work at an even lower range and putting it ontop of your TV reduces the distance also.

I’d strongly recommend getting this.



Steven asks…

How can I connect my Xbox 360 controller to my new Xbox Kinect?

I recently bought a Kinect bundle, and received the promised one controller. However, I’m wonder if I can connect the original Xbox 360 controllers (white ones) to the new Kinect console? I can’t find the button on the console at all to do so.

Any info is appreciated. answers:

The best way is a video here you go

should be right of the power button where the usb ports are after that hit the connect but on the controller and your back to gaming again.

Susan asks…

When the xbox kinect takes pictures when your playing what happens?

i was playing xbox kinect, kinect adventures wen i finished the game it took pictures of me and i like the pictures, but i was wondering were do the pictures go after that, because it said saving photos to share pictures or something, i really need help on this, any help? thanks! answers:

Great question! If you have any other questions please direct the to the Xbox 360 Fancast, The official Xbox 360 Podcast of You can find this podcast on iTunes by searching “Joystiq Xbox” or “Xbox 360 fancast”.

You can also check out the websites here >

Maria asks…

Does the xbox kinect come with built in wifi? Or do you still need to buy a wifi adapter for the xbox?

I’m looking to buy an xbox 360 with kinect. But i’d rather buy a ps3 if i have to still buy a wifi adapter and pay for LIVE. answers:

The new Xbox slims have built in wifi, all other xboxs still need the adapter. Also xbox live is well worth the cost in my opinion.

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