Best Office Supplies of 2019

I recently changed positions for my company and now have a cubical at work and a home office that I use a majority of the time.  When I started to work from home my desk was totally unorganized unlike my desk at work and I continued to lose things. I did research on items that will not only help me stay organized to clean up my mess at home but things that I can use at my desk at work as well.  I have found the following office gadgets to be very helpful and useful as I work at either place and help me stay focused on work, deal with stress, and still, have a little fun while working, even if I am home by myself.  

1. Digital Highlighter and Reader

The Digital Highlighter Pen and Reader is a handheld pen that you scan across a line of printed text and it appears on your computer monitor or smartphone screen.  It is great for scanning notes that your boss gives you, training notes, and project notes. It is super accurate and even will scan my terrible 4th-grade handwriting and is a lot faster than typing the notes manually.   

The Digital Highlighter Pen has a  read-aloud feature. You can hear the text out loud even as scanning to your computer or smartphone.  This gadget is definitely a must-have for your home office or office.  I use mine to scan in notes from my boss, the salespeople, new product training, working on a request for a proposal, among other things.  I do not have to spend the entire time typing my notes manually and it saves me valuable time.

2. Mesh Tray Sorter

The Mesh Tray Sorter helps me keep my desk organized of all of the folders for my works projects, customer information, and other things.  This helps me stay organized and I no longer lose the folders that use and use  put down all over my office. My wife no longer tells me that I remind her of pig-pen when I work.  I also can now find my files a lot easier when asked how projects are going in meetings.  

I highly recommend this product to help you keep organized and not have your office turn into a pig-pen like mine used to be and keeps you out of trouble with your wife or husband.

3. Posture Corrector for Men and Women

This product along with a nice office chair will help support your posture.  If you are like me when I work on the computer all day I slouch and my posture has been getting worse and worse the more that I work behind my desk.  I noticed that even when I walk around the house or office I am not standing up straight anymore. I have found this product that is approved by the FDA that alleviates back pains, offers shoulder support and changes the bad habits of slouching.  

The Posture Corrector is comfortable, adjustable and can be used by men, women, and children.  My slouching days are over after using this product for just the short time that I have been using it.

4. Wireless Headphones

These are must-have especially if you use a smartphone or tablet for work.  It allows you to hear the people that you are speaking to and meeting with, by canceling out the noise around you.  These are great especially if you work from home and have noises from your house or outside that continue to bother you.  They are also great for when you are not on a phone call or meeting to listen to music to keep you productive at work or even listen to notes or training for the project that you are working on a lot clearer and without any outside noise disturbance.  

You can also use these when not working while jogging, working around the house, and cutting the grass. I use mine all of the time.  Just remember to keep them charged. I have a bad habit of forgetting to do that. My wife makes fun of me because I will put them back in the case and forget to charge them.  

5. Phone, Smartwatch, and Wireless Earphone Charging Stand

The charging stand for your smartphone, smartwatch, and wireless headphones is a very good product that works very well and it allows me to charge all of my devices while I am working at my desk.  I purchased this product to keep my smartwatch and earphones charged as well as my phone while I am working. I always continue to forget to charge my smartwatch and wireless earphones so that I would remember to charge them.  

This product has kept my devices charged without an issue and now I keep my smartwatch and earphones charged at least during the week.

6. Cell Phone Stand

I use the Cell Phone stand while I am talking on the phone and for meetings.  This allows my cell phone to stay out of my way while I am busy working on my computer while in a meeting or talking on the phone.  If you use Facetime it allows for the phone to stay in one spot and not go all over the place. It keeps you from dropping your phone and if you use this for a facetime meeting the other person will have no clue that you are wearing sweatpants, shorts, or pajamas when working at home.  I use this stand and you can’t prove anything.  

7. Shredder

If you don’t have a shredder for important documents for your house I suggest that you get one.  This will alleviate all worry from someone gaining your personal information. I use this to shred all of my personal important papers and documents that I do not want anyone other than my wife to see.  It protects you from the people of the world that will dig your information out of your trash just to steal your identity.   

I also use this for all important work documents that I no longer need.  The shredder will shred new and old credit cards, my wife’s credit card if she continues to use it as much as she does, and CD’s.

8. AIR BAR Laptop Touch Screen Bar

The Air BAR makes your non-touchscreen Windows 10 laptop a touchscreen, which is very useful to use when going through images, maps, web-browsing, going through your music collection, highlight word documents, paragraphs, and much more.  The Air Bar is lightweight and connects to your Windows laptop using one USB port without any type of software. Just attach it to the bottom of your laptop bezel with the magnets provided and a USB port and instantly tap, pinch, zoom, and rotate using your fingers.  Unfortunately, this gadget does not work with monitors themselves. Please click on the link below and read the system requirements before purchasing this product.   

I mainly use this product on my Windows 10 laptop to go through and rotate PDF drawings for work, use to view, zoom in, and rotate photos, and a few Autocad drawings.  

It is simple to connect and use and is very useful.  Just please make sure that you click on the link below and Read the system requirements before purchasing this product just to make sure that this will connect with your Windows 10 laptop.

9. Space Heater

Of course, what would an office or home office be without a space heater?  I make fun of this, but I do have one for the colder days in my home office. I do not know what it is, but my home office during some of the winter months is freezing.  For a while, I did suck it up and put up with the cold, but I finally broke down and purchased this space heater a little over a year ago and now I keep my home office nice and warm.  The heater has an overheat and tip-over protection as well as a thermostat.  

I live on the west side of Cincinnati and from the end of December to the beginning of March depending on the winter that we are having it gets cold.  Not Canada or Alaska cold, but cold enough for me. I am warm-blooded and the heater works great for me. I purchased my wife one for her office at work because she was always complaining about how cold her office was.   She is always cold, but with this heater, it keeps her warm at work. At least her feet. She keeps it on the ground under her desk.  

I do make sure that the heater is turned off every night before I go to bed, but that is just me wanting to save money and be safe.

10. Desk Organizers

With the Mesh Desk Organizer, it allows me to keep my desk organized for my home office as well as my office at work.  I do use this to store my pens, pencils, post-it-notes, and scissors. I have an Albert Einstein magnetic paperclip holder that I use for paperclips that is in this blog and a Cincinnati Reds helmet to store pens and pencils also.  I am from Cincinnati and you can male fun of me. It is found in this blog post as well.

The desk organizer is very useful and it does keep my desk clean especially since my wife gave me the clean desk policy after I get finished working every night.  I do the same thing at work, but I think that being at home I just use to get a little lazy. This gadget helps me keep things all together and in one place where I can find everything.

11. Mesh Garbage Can

A garbage can is very useful for any office.  This garbage can is mesh and of course, you need to put a trash bag inside of it, but it is a nice looking trash can for any office. I use it for trash and attach the basketball net to the rim of it, just so that I can practice my aim when throwing paper away or throwing squish balls.  These items are also found in this blog.  

12. Thermal Laminator Machine

The Thermal Laminating machine.  A perfect machine that warms up in 4 minutes and allows you to laminate cards, badges, paperwork, signs, and much more.  I think that I use this more for around the house and down at the little league field than for work, but this laminating machine has a great price and is a great product.  You will need to purchase the correct size laminating pouches for this product in order to laminate your items, but we have used this product for the past few years without any issues.  The only problem is making sure to keep the laminate pouches that you need stocked up. I always, of course, wait till the last minute to do the signs for the little league field and never have the proper laminate pouches.  I will not have that issue this year. I just ordered some as I was writing this post.

13. Encrypted Portable Harddrive

Want to keep your data for work and home secure?  The Encrypted Portable hard drive is a great tech gadget that will do this for you.  It is easy to set up with no software to download and with the use of one 3.0 USB port.  It has both 128-bit or 256-bit hardware encryption the Aegis Padlock 3.0 seamlessly encrypts all data on the drive in real-time, keeping your data secure although the hard drive is removed from its enclosure.  Using USB 3.0 you will be able to quickly access your files faster than before.  This hard drive is 1TB and has the ability to store lots of documents and photos.

The Aegis Padlock has a useful reset feature that is implemented with a unique command.  It will clear all of the pin codes and the data and will randomly generate an encryption key, enabling the drive to be reset as many times as needed.  It adds another barrier between you, your data, and the hackers of the world try to steal your data.  

I use this mainly for my work things and important personal documents.

14. Power Strips

The one thing that I have noticed when I started working from home is that I never have enough power outlets or USB chargers.  I found this BEVA 9 outlet and 4 USB charging tower and have all of my peripheral devices connected to it. With this, I have extra outlets for my three monitors that I have connected to my work computer, my Epson printer, and use the USB ports to charge my tablet and my personal or work cell phone.  

I am no longer searching for an empty plug or unplugging anything in order to plug something in.  With this unit, I have enough power for everything I possibly could need for my home office.

15. Bonsai Tree

The Bonsai Tree is a must for every home office or office.  Not only does it look cool, but even if you do not have a green thumb like me you can still grow a Bonsai tree and it gives you something to talk about when someone sees it and asked you about it.  

It brings peace to your world and once it grows you can shape it by cutting it however you want.  

My wife bought this for me and it is a stress reliever.  It kind of reminds me of the Karate Kid movie with Mr. Miyagi in the beginning when he was trimming his Bonzai tree.  And yes after close to a year my Bonzai tree is still alive and well. 

16. Nap Time Pillow

The nap time pillow is a great thing to have for your home office and traveling.  This pillow is perfect for you to rest your head during your lunch hour at work or when you’re traveling on an airplane.  It has the perfect amount of room for your head, and hands. 

It is very comfortable and made of cotton knit.  It is shock-absorbing, has ventilation and is easy to carry.

Very comfortable and allows you to rest your head on this on your desk or lay your head on an airplane table.  It is shock-absorbing and allows you or your wife to sleep the entire trip to your final destination. Which is a good thing because my wife hates to fly.  

17. Mini Fridge

The Coca Cola Mini Fridge is one of the coolest things that I have in my office.  It holds a six-pack of 12-ounce cans and allows you to keep working instead of having to get up and go to the kitchen to grab your favorite beverage.  The mini-fridge keeps your drinks nice and cold. It allows you to reach for a drink when you are in a meeting or important phone call and you are parched.  

The mini-fridge when used properly for work meaning that soft drink cans, lemonade in a can, or anything other than beer is great to have. On Friday afternoon around 3:00pm if you put a beer can or two inside of the fridge, it will be the perfect temperature by 5:00pm, just in time to call it a day from work.  Not that this has been tested or anything. Please Drink Responsibly.

18. Coffee Mug Warmer - Wireless Phone Charger

This gadget is a must-have for the mornings.  This coffee mug warmer will keep your morning coffee or afternoon tea warm all day.  It also has a port to plug your wireless phone charger into. It is perfect for both.  Just set your coffee cup on the warmer side to enjoy warm coffee, tea, or milk all day and set your phone on your supplied wireless phone charger.  Both your phone and you get charged up for the day.

I do know that the coffee warmer works very well and my wife connects her wireless charger to the coffee warmer and it works great for her.  I do not have a cell phone that has a wireless charger.

19. Orthopedic Gel Seat Cushion

The Orthopedic seat cushion is very useful to have and use because when working behind a desk unless you have a stand-up and sit down desk you sit all day.  This will help keep your backside and back comfortable. It is a gel memory foam seat cushion that feels great to sit on. If you use this in your home office none of your coworkers will make fun of you and the only people that will see you and have fun with you are your kids.  Like mine do. They call me old. At least I am old and comfortable.  

I use this usually in the afternoon after sitting for many hours and use it for the long nights of work.  It does really keep you comfortable. The orthopedic gel seat cushion and the posture corrector found in this post are two of my favorite things to use.  One device keeps my backside comfortable, while the other keeps me from slouching.

20. Compact Key Organizer

The compact key organizer is perfect for the person that has many keys.  I know for the office I have at least 6 different keys to get into 6 different areas of the building.  This compact key organizer allows you to fit between 4 to 20 keys depending on the thickness of the keys.  You can also put different keyring flat pocket tools in the key organizer as well. 

This product allows you to have more room in your pocket and keep all of the keys in one place and not on separate key rings.  It also allows you to remember your keys when you take your wife’s car to work and your office keys are not on that keyring. Nothing like having to drive back home or wait for someone to let you into the office. 

21. Desktop Punching Bag

For those very stressful days when everyone is getting on your nerves or overloads you with work or task to do for work.  The Desktop punching bag allows you to work off that stress. Just simply attach the suction cup to your desktop and start punching the bag like a mad man or woman. Get rid of all of that stress.

Working from home and using this will not allow your co-workers to make fun of you and they will have no idea when you say things and then

22. Under The Desk Elliptical Machine

The Under the Desk Elliptical Machine is a machine that you can put under your desk or your chair as you are watching TV and burn those calories.  Working behind your desk all day and raising a family keeps you very busy and does not allow a lot of time for you to workout or burn some of those calories.  Going to the gym without having children tag along sometimes is not an option, and the last thing that you want to do is walk around the neighborhood. With this machine it will keep you active and allow you workout your legs.  This machine will help you relieve stress.

This machine is quiet and allows you to change your resistance up to 8 levels.  It is low impact on joints and increases your activity over time. I use mine for at least 20 minutes a day and when I work long hours I use this machine sometimes up to 3X’s a day.  Another machine that you can use at home and no one will ever know. You can also take this to the office and work out at your desk. Very easy to assemble.  

23. Desktop Mini Vacuum

The mini desktop vacuum I still get a kick out of this thing, especially after seeing a regular vacuum shaped desk vacuum on a commercial.  Not only can you vacuum your computer keyboard to get the crumbs and dust out, but vacuum up the crumbs and lint off of your desk. You can also use this for your office chair.  

I do not personally have this, but my wife does and uses it all of the time.  I do sometimes sneak in her craft room and use it just to keep my desk and computer keyboard tidy.

This mini vacuum takes a AA battery so while ordering it and using my link please do not forget to add the AA battery and use your Amazon Prime.  

24. Portable Travel Vault

The Portable Travel Vault is a must have item, especially if you go to the beach, golf course, swimming pools, and anywhere you worry about putting your wallet or money for the day as you leave and go enjoy your activities. This is the perfect place to place to keep your valuable items secure.

The Portable Travel Vault attaches to your beach chair, golf cart, closet rod, bike, or any other fixed objects. 

I guess the days of just hiding your money inside of your shoe or sock at the bottom of the beach bag days are out.  I know that the last time we went to the beach we used one of these and it was very easy to use and kept our valuables secure.  It was peace of mind and allowed my wife, kids, and I to enjoy the day at the beach and not worried about leaving our beach chairs.  

It was very easy to get into to get cash out to buy lunch, ice cream, and beverages.

25. Multi Tool

This is another must have for all homes and offices.  This multi tool comes in handy for all sorts of issues that may arise including tightening screws, tightening bolts, has a package opener, knife, a bottle opener, wire cutters, tweezers, and a file.  It is a very handy tool to have around to use for anything that needs to be adjusted, cut, or open.

The Multi Tool is compact and will fit into your desk drawer, glove box, or pocket.

26. 1080p Smartcam with Microphone

The Smartcam with Microphone is great to use for conferences, team viewer meetings, Skype meetings, and You Tube Videos.  The camera is 1080p and has a nice crisp picture and the microphone works very well and picks up your voice as you are talking so that you do not have to shout.

I use this for my Team Viewer meetings and conference calls.  The unit connects to the top of my laptop monitor or computer monitor and is very easy to install.  Just make sure that you have the camera pointed at what you want other people to see, so that they will not see you in your pajamas.  

27. Alexa

Alexa is a great tool to have around.  The Alexa will tell you what the weather is outside, remind you of what meeting that you have today, and you can use it to update and keep track of your daily calendar.  

Alexa can be used to play music, podcasts, and audiobooks while you work as well as tell you what the traffic is going to be like on the way to the office or on your way to take you kids to practice after work.  

You can also watch TV shows and movies.  

I use this for everything above and it keeps my schedule for me.  

You can also use Alexa to tell jokes, and cook along with with Alexa for step-by-step recipes.  

28. Tactical Pen

The Tactical Pen is a great pen to have because it is not just a pen it is also a multi-tool that includes a flashlight, screwdriver, glass breaker, rope cutter, and has 6 multi-tool heads.  It also has an emergency whistle.

The Tactical Pen which is also a pen that writes very well is made of aircraft lightweight aluminum and very durable. The Tactical Pen includes 2 black ink refills and 2 sets of batteries.  

I purchased one of these because of course I love gadgets and when people see it, the Tactical Pen becomes a conversation piece. 

29. Albert Einstein Paperclip Paper Holder

One of the best conversation pieces that I have at my desk is the Albert Einstein paper clip magnetic holder.  We all use paperclips to keep our paperwork organized and why not have fun and have one of the smartest people in the world hold your paper clips for you.  

People will walk into my office or home office and some people know who it is and other people guess who it is.  The paper clips are not included with Albert Einstein.  

30. Stand Desk Riser

Have you ever tried to stand while you work on your computer all day?  This adjustable sit to stand desk gives you the best of both worlds. If you start to feel sluggish while sitting in front of your desk, simply raise your desktop up and stand and work for a few hours.  This will keep you productive and active. When your ready to sit back down just adjust the desk down and sit in front of it.

The adjustable desk will hold up to 30 pounds and is ergonomically designed.  I am still getting use to standing on my feet as I work on my computer.  

It is a nice desk and gives you balance during your work day.  

31. Drumstick Pens

I found these pens on Amazon a few weeks ago and they turn your desk into a drum set.  You become a Rock Legend in your office with these drum pens. Not only do they work very well as a pen, but they allow you to do drum solos while listening to your favorite music as you work.  

I like these so much that I had to include the drumstick pencils.   

32. Drumstick Pencils

The Drumstick Pencils are a perfect match to your Drumstick Pens.  You will become the Rock Legend drummer that you always dreamed to be in your own office or home office.  The pens and pencils do work very well.  

33. Baseball Office Caddy

The Baseball Office Caddy is a perfect gift or must have for the baseball fan in your life.  You can store your pens, pencils, scissors, among other things in this Baseball Office Caddy batting helmet.

I have the Cincinnati Reds Office Caddy because I am a huge Reds fan, and I show my support and fandom for the Reds, but they are available in your favorite baseball teams as well.  

34. Wireless Full Size Keyboard and Mouse

The Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse is a perfect tool for your office or home office.  The keyboard is quiet, has palm rest, is spill-resistant, and the keys are set up in the keyboard format that everyone is use to. The mouse is very comfortable and glides on the mousepad or table very easily without resistance.  The mouse is right-handed and has a hand-friendly contoured shape for smooth, precise tracking.

I personally use this full size keyboard and mouse and they work very well. I have not had any issues and I use them for at least 12 hours a day. I have been using the wireless keyboard and mouse for about a year now. 

Very easy to set up.  I installed the batteries into the wireless keyboard and mouse, plugged in the USB dongle, and just started to use them.  Easy plug and play.

35. Lava Lamp

The MAGICLITE Electric Fantasy Jellyfish Lava Lamp with Color Changing Light Effects is a product that not only is enjoyable to look at, but will also allow you to relax by just watching the jellyfish in the color changing aquarium float around.  The Jellyfish lamp will help you relax and creates a stimulating and a calming environment.

This product works great in any office and has a whisper quiet motor and the four colors can either auto cycle or you can have the lava lamp fixed on one color.  The Jelleyfish lava lamp has a 4 hour automatic shut-off function so that the lava lamp is not running all night long.

The Jelleyfish lava lamp is one of the coolest lava lamps I have ever seen and purchased. 

36. Ring Doorbell

The Ring Doorbell is a must have for every house everywhere.  The Ring Doorbell comes with an app that allows you to see, speak, and hear who is at your door before they ring the doorbell.  The doorbell has motion areas that you setup and when a person walks into that motion area the Ring Doorbell alerts you and you can view the live video on your smartphone and speak to the person.

Why do I have this in the Best Office Supplies of 2019 section?  Well because if you are like me, my office is in the basement and my wife’s craft room is on the second floor. Every time a person gets close to the door I get alerted.  I bring up the live video and find out who they are, what they would like, and get rid of them so that I do not have to waste my time and go and talk to them.  

The nice thing is that it connects to your Alexa as well and you can use your Alexa to view the video and speak to the visitors.  The product is also great for when receiving packages at your door so that you can go and bring the package in right after or while it is being delivered.  It is also good to notify you when the pizza delivery guy brings the pizza that you ordered. Don’t have to worry about being close to the door while waiting.  

Very easy to product to setup.  The instructions are great and Ring has videos online to help you install the doorbell step-by-step.

37. Stylus Pen for Touch Screen

This stylus Pen for Touch Screens have  ultra fine pen point within the stylus that will allow you to draw and touch up pictures or drawings on your iPad or tablet.  It allows you to click onto small icons, letters, and numbers unlike the regular pen stylus that has the large tip and you have to turn the stylus on its side to and continue to try to click on that small letter, touch up the drawing or click on the small number or letter.  

The stylus works perfectly on my iPad and daughters tablet.  I use the stylus for work drawings, games, and my daughter uses it for her masterpieces that she draws on her tablet.  

There are many more office and home office gadgets that you can find in the Office Supplies   section of our website. We also have many more products that we offer and write blog post on that is found under our Blog section.  We continue to add many more gadgets to our site everyday and try to help you find the best gadgets that will make your work life and home life easier and more entertaining.  We appreciate you checking out our website and we write a few reviews on products and gadgets that are great products and like to have fun while writing reviews on them.  

Please leave us a comment if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you,


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