Fun Office Furniture

Fun Office Furniture

I work from home and not only do I work on this website, but I also work from home for my real job as well.  I was sitting in a meeting today and noticed that I have just the essentials in my home office that I wrote about in an earlier post Best Office Supplies of 2019.  I do not have anything else other than a desk, computer, a bunch of gadgets, and that is it. So I started my adventure to find some fun office furniture.

Anyway, while I was listening to the meeting that I was in I started to look around my office. It was one of those meetings that really did not have a lot to do with me so I started to look on the internet and saw that baseball spring training is about to start.  I thought to myself that was what I was going to do. I was going to furnish my bare office with things that I could find that relate to my love of baseball. 

So right after I got off work (wink-wink), I started to search the internet and Amazon for any baseball-related items and here is what I found.

I found this baseball glove chair and baseball ottoman that would be perfect for the corner of my office.  It would also be nice to have in a man cave, but I do not have a man cave because my daughter took it over as her hangout spot with her friends.

The baseball glove chair has a swivel base is 32,5 inches round by 27,5 inches high.  It is brown and looks just like a baseball glove.

The baseball glove chair comes with an ottoman shaped like a baseball that is 17inches round by 13inches high.  Pretty cool so far so good!!!

The next item that I found to go with my baseball glove chair and ottoman are baseball pillows.  I picked out two of them.  The first one is shapep and looks just like a baseball and the second pillow has the American Flag with a baseball glove and bat on it. 

The baseball pillow is a plush pillow that is stuffed and looks like it is perfect to lay on or sit next to.  .

The American Flag and baseball glove and bat pillow is a larger pillow that looks comfy and has an awesome print on it.  I got it to just sit around the office in a corner or near the baseball glove chair. (This is just a cover for a pillow I found out).  Still very nice!!!

Then I found this really nice removable wall mural that will cover up at least one of my white walls.  The mural goes with the theme with a photo of a worn baseball in a baseball glove, football, and basketball.  This way I can hang pictures from different sports and collect items from different sports and it will still go with the sports theme for my office. 

Speaking of pictures I found a few of these as well that will go great with my theme and look good hanging on my walls.  

I found this great picture of Babe Ruth. You can’t have a sports-themed office without a picture of Babe Ruth.  (Does not come with frame)

I also found the perfect picture to go on a different wall which is a canvas wall art baseball 5 Panels HD Baseball Glove Bat Printed Posters.  This will go great on the opposite wall of my desk.

Then I  went completely nuts when I found this 7’ by 5’ baseball field rug that I had to get.  This will definitely make my home office complete.

All of this goes with my baseball stress ball with glove stand, which is one of the existing gadgets that I have on my desk.

So after I went and found all of these items I went and showed my wife that told me that would be great in our grandkids room.  After I decorate my office possibly his room is next.

We have all of these items and more under the Office Gadgets section of our website.  Please take a look. All of the items listed I know has nothing to do with gadgets but I was very excited and had to add these items to this website and hope that you take a look and possibly purchase these items enjoyable as well.  All of these items, as well as every other item on our website, can be found at Amazon. We are an Amazon Affiliate and try to give you great ideas and an easy way to find what you are looking for.

I will let you know how my home office turns out and let you know when I finally get out of trouble for ordering all of these items at the same time by my wife.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them in our comment section.  

I appreciate you checking out our website and reading about how I am decorating my home office with fun office furniture.

Thank you,


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