Plug Outlet Extender with Shelf

Plug Outlet Extender with Shelf

I was sitting on my couch playing on my tablet and watching a game on television when my tablet’s battery died.  The plug is next to the couch, but too far to plug in my tablet and rest it on the couch so I usually set it on the floor while it charges.  I hate sitting my tablet on the floor as it charges and at the same time I did not want to leave game that I was watching. It was pretty good football game.  So I decided to search the internet for any type of outlet with a shelf. And I found the perfect 6 outlet multiplug outlet extender with not only a shelf but also 3 USB ports.  

The plug outlet extender with a shelf is perfect to rest my tablet and cell phone on while they are charging.  It keeps my devices from laying on the floor and close enough to get while I am watching the game. The plug outlet extender with a shelf works so well we purchased one for almost every room of our house. 

Surge Protection

Using the VICOUP 6 outlet multi-plug outlet extender with 3 USB ports and a removable built-in shelf also protects my devices from lightning strikes up to 1080 Joules. 

Installing and mounting the plug outlet extender with a shelf is very simple and it will take a screwdriver to mount the mounting screw firmly and has a built on stabilized rod.  


Please follow the instructions for where and how to mount the plug outlet extender with shelf.  

As found in the instructions DO NOT mount or plug into an existing GFIC and DO NOT plug into or mount on a USB Receptacle.  

The plug outlet extenders with a shelf are made to mount and plug into a standard outlet and a decor outlet.

Plug outlet extenders with a shelf are great to use in bathrooms, bedrooms, and the kitchen.  

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This is a very nice product that not only protects your devices from lightning strikes, but also comes in handy when you need to plug in more than one device and keeps your expensive devices off of the floor while charging.  

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