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Public Phone Charging Stations Are Not Safe

This morning as I was getting my daughter ready for school I was watching the local news and caught the middle of why public charging stations are not safe to use without a special device.  

Because I caught this report in the middle I did rewind the report and did a little bit of research of my own.  

I found out that hackers have found a way to install malware on public charging stations in airports, amusement parks, hotles, and anywhere else you may freely or pay to plug in your mobile phone or tablet to get a charge.  The hidden malware can be used to extract your information from phones and tablets connected to the public chargers experts say. 

All it takes is the malware to upload on your phone or tablet and the hackers can see your text, location, phone history, contacts, and all of your bank information.  They can even bring up your camera and track you whenever they want and you will not have a clue. 

The only clue maybe is when your bank account is missing money. 

Scary Right!!!

The worse part is that once they are connected to your phone or tablet they take over your phone until you change all of your passwords and still then it may not be fully secured against hackers.

The solution that they reported to use against the malware threat is a device called the Data Blocker.

Data Blocker is designed to only allow the power parts of your charger to connect to the USB charger located on the public charging station protecting you against malware and hackers.

The Data Blocker device is under $10 and will protect your phone and tablet when you need to get a quick charge before going on an airplane, at an amusement park, hotel, or hanging out at the mall.

If you are a traveler or a person that uses public charging stations this device is a must.  

You can click on the “View this gadget in our shop button” below and it will take you to Amazon to purchase.

I have already ordered mine to protect my phone and my family’s phones.  Please order your today and keep your phone protected.

Below I found a in depth video on You Tube that explains the Data Blocker and the risk of using the public USB charging stations to charge your mobile phone or tablet.

If you have any questions or need more information please fill out a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Keep your mobile devices safe.

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